All Change


All Change

As promised last week, there have been a few changes around here. I’ve recovered from the sniffles of uploading the final podcast episode of Trucking in English and started to get excited about the next thing. Especially since the technology is being kind and working out.

Thanks to the lovely people at Academy Chicago I received a book to review not long ago. Roll On, by Fred Afflerbach. That’s it up on the right hand sidebar. After I’d read it, reviewed it and thought, ‘Whither the blog? Whither the podcast?’ for a bit longer, I emailed Fred and asked if he’d like to do the first ever, slightly experimental, TIE podcast interview.

He said yes, we had the call, I’ve learned to edit two voices and…ta daaa! TIE has a new direction.

So, a whole new look and much sorting out of new categories to help you find stuff.

If you’ve missed any Trucking in English podcast episodes, you can find them in chronological order up at the Podcasts tab and in reverse order on the Audio Book tab.

If you’ve had enough of trucks for a while, try the brand new Non-Trucking Tales tab, which now contains articles about all sorts of other stuff.

Let me know if you like the new look (and if you don’t of course.) The website will get bookier as I hunt for suitable volumes to review and authors to interview but it won’t get completely untrucky. If you’ve written a book about trucking, let me know. If you just have stuff to say about the industry, let me know. I want to talk to you.

But I’ll be seeking out other travel and adventure writings too. There are myriad blogs out there devoted to reviewing vampire fiction, sci-fi and chick-lit. Travelogue and memoir get a bad rap, as though real life isn’t interesting.

But everyone’s normal is someone else’s adventure, I love that.

Got a book that’s crying out for review? Want to be asked loads of friendly questions? Know someone who has travel adventures that ought to get an airing? Oh and I’m still looking for lady truckers with opinions!

Contact me, or pop over to the TIE Facebook page for a chat. That link is up top on the left sidebar.

Now that we’re all over on the new platform…

Tomorrow will see TIE’s first book review and Tuesday will see TIE’s first author interview!

Can’t wait, see you soon.


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