All Change Again

Well, if you follow the blog with any regularity you might have noticed a dropping-off in new things. I’ve been busy plotting the next mad plan and it comes into being next week. In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed the short series of book reviews and podcast interviews. There will be a break from these as I dash off to try a new daft exploit, just in case it’s interesting enough for a book.

If you’d like to tell me a story though, or send an adventuresome book for review, I hope to start a new series in the winter.

But what about Trucking in English? I hear you exclaim. What’s happening?

I’ll tell you what’s happening…the book is currently with a Canadian agent who is considering it carefully, so my plans to bring it out independently are on hold for a while, watch this space!

Trying on the bee suit for size

And the new plan? What’s going on?

Aha, well it’s like this you see. Last summer I spent a bit of time in England learning how to be an apprentice pest controller. I began as a waspie, it had to be the UK for this because Canadians kill their own wasps, but then Canadian wasps tend to build on the outside, they’re easier to get at.

All went well. I discovered that I’m not allergic to stings. (I also discovered that wasps can sting through a protective suit but that’s a whole ‘nother story.) I was promoted from apprentice waspie to fleas and bedbugs and it all turned out to be far more interesting than you’d imagine. And, best of all, apparently it’s not a job that women go in for much, who’d have thought?

So this year I am going back with notebook and camera in hand, it’s going to be amusing. I hope to be promoted to ants!

I’ll post a few snippets of my adventures with the creepycrawlies over here under ‘non-trucking tales’ and of course I’ll be relying on regular readers to tell me whether they want the book or not.

Did you know that in England an apprentice pestie is called a Bobbin?

This is because people can then say, ‘Look, here comes Ratman and Bobbin!’

(Ithengyow, I’m here all week.)


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