And now the paperback…

Here she be!

Now available in any format your heart desires (well, apart from the glossy coffee table version, didn’t seem right somehow).

Find TIE at

Find TIE at

Find TIE in .epub and .mobi

Now then, we really are talking the perfect Christmas/Holidays/Chanuka/Just Because/Winter Solstice/End of the World prezzie for the driver in your life. Hey, get two, you know more than one driver, right?

(Kindle user? Amazon’s Kindle version is still being mixed but the .mobi works just fine.)

There will be a flurry of marketing between now and the end of the year, then maybe we can get back to some gentle blogging about the odd things that people do, and then write about.

In the meantime I’ll keep you posted with reviews, media appearances, movie deals and the like! And thanks again for nagging, without the happy band of TIE blog followers there would never have been a book. Mwah!


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