Trucking in English Podcast: Jt Sather

Welcome to the first in TIE’s 2013 podcast series: Interviews With Interesting People.

(You can check out last year’s interviews here)

Today’s interview is with Jt Sather, author of How to Survive When the Bottom Drops Out.

reviewed his book last week and if you want to know more about Jt and his writing check out his blog, An Author’s Thoughts or see more about the book by liking his page on FacebookYou can also buy the book of course, by clicking the link towards the top of the right sidebar.

Jt had a few suprises for me, which is remarkable when you consider that the book itself is pretty surprising. I also heard about the most unusual reason yet for starting to write a book!

Listen on…


Before we started recording, I asked Jt if he had any suggestions for music to top and tail our chat.… Read on...

How to Survive When the Bottom Falls Out by Jt Sather

Jt Sather

I found this book by accident while hanging out in a few Facebook writers’ groups. Jt is a bit of a force of nature when it comes to reviewing books and before I knew it I’d agreed to give it a go. I have to say that I was as intrigued by the cover and the title as I was sort of put off by the idea of having to read a ‘How-to’.

I am now heartily glad I read it and I ended up with a load questions for Jt.

Does your heart sink a little when you contemplate a ‘How To’ book, like mine does? In that case it might be good to know that this little volume is possibly the only one out there that matters. It could save your life. If you take fewer risks and have better luck than average, it might merely change it.… Read on...

Reviews and interviews and podcasts, oh my!

By popular demand, natch.

Yes, I know, it’s been months. Excuses? Um, not really. Although I have been kinda busy being reviewed, interviewed and podcasted myself, what with the launch of TIE and all. I have loads of exciting ‘me me me’ links to share, people do seem to be liking the book a lot, but it seems a bit boring and, well, ‘me me me’ to chuck them all at you at once.

So, I have hatched a cunning plan. It’s a lot like last year’s cunning plan, which involved persuading writers whose books I love to come and talk to me for podcasts. This year I have a new line-up of writers, travellers, and people who have done amazing things and I will be reviewing their books and chatting to them for podcasts just like before. The extra bit? I’ll sneak in a review or two of my stuff as we go.… Read on...

And now the paperback…

Here she be!

Now available in any format your heart desires (well, apart from the glossy coffee table version, didn’t seem right somehow).

Find TIE at

Find TIE at

Find TIE in .epub and .mobi

Now then, we really are talking the perfect Christmas/Holidays/Chanuka/Just Because/Winter Solstice/End of the World prezzie for the driver in your life. Hey, get two, you know more than one driver, right?

(Kindle user? Amazon’s Kindle version is still being mixed but the .mobi works just fine.)

There will be a flurry of marketing between now and the end of the year, then maybe we can get back to some gentle blogging about the odd things that people do, and then write about.

In the meantime I’ll keep you posted with reviews, media appearances, movie deals and the like! And thanks again for nagging, without the happy band of TIE blog followers there would never have been a book.… Read on...

It’s finally here!

With thanks to the lovely Rebecca Poole for a fab cover!

Yeah, I know I promised it for the 15th and we’re a day late but all that aside, here she be…

available from today as an ebook on Smashwords

…perfect for your  Kindles, Nooks, Kobos et etc. The paperback will be available from Amazon by next week, I’ll post the link as soon as it’s up.

Then over the next few weeks this puppy will start to appear at other online bookseller sites such as B&N and Apple. If you can’t wait to get your hands on a copy, the ebook is the way to go but the paperback will be the perfect Christmas gift for the driver in your life!

As soon as the excitement of telling everyone to buy a copy had settled down, TIE the blog has  a winter programme of reviews and podcast interviews lined up but it might take a while to get going this year…there’s marketing to do, booksignings and all manner of fun.… Read on...

The Next Big Thing

It’s a blog hop. Yeah, I didn’t know what they were either but apparently it’s an independent authors’ game of tag…and I’ve been ‘tagged’!

The Next Big Thing is all about the next book to come out, a never-ending series of interviews, so with thanks to Chloe Jon Paul for tagging me, I will use this post to burble about the book to come after Trucking in English.

You can read about Chloe’s latest book here.

I’ll tag a few more people at the bottom of the post, some of them might just appear here as a podcast interview over the winter.

Anyway, on to the matter under discussion. Since Trucking in English has a planned publication date of:

(imagine the fanfare)

November 15th!

(Just in time for Christmas)

I have decided to use this post to tell you about the book that will come next. Sneaky huh?

Here we go:

Questions to be Answered for Blog Hop

1: What is the working title of your book?… Read on...

Getting angrier

A nasty surprise upon opening the shed for one elderly lady this week.

The wasps, that is, not me.

An odd consequence of this terrible summer`s weather is that we’re getting busier than ever, just when the season is usually calming down. And this is all to do with what’s happening on the inside.

Nobody has been troubled by the wasps in their roof voids and bay windows up until now because they’ve not been out gardening and barbecuing to be buzzed. So they’ve just left them alone thinking ‘they’ll die off soon’. Which of course they will, but only after the nest produces a thousand or so new queens to hibernate nearby and make next year’s nests. These sleepy ladies toddle off out of the nest to look for places to hide and quite a few of them toddle inside. Ergo, the people who were’t being bothered by their wasps last month have roomfuls of them now.… Read on...


Well the wasping continues apace, the little darlings are finally getting busy and noticable, after a dismal start to the season.  As more people find them  the daftness ramps up a little. I mentioned a week or so back that there has been no expanding foam high jinks yet, and—whaddaya know?—this week we have high jinks involving many and various sorts of foam. And cement.

One of the many things not to do!

Here is a picture of one of the things not to do to a wasps’ nest, and some foam, but not the expanding sort. This is the kind of foam that you buy for killing wasps with, so it makes some sort of intuitive sense until you read the instructions, which are all about how to use it on an exposed nest. If you spray it all round the entrance to a nest tucked away in a wall cavity it appears to sort of work, ie it kills a load of wasps, but it makes bugger all difference to the queen and the lavae on the inside.… Read on...

The fun and the foolish

This is way too much fun

Well it’s been a mixed week here at Waspie HQ, the supreme fun of a go on a cherry-picker and some serious silliness. The wasps’ nest that was approached by way of powered machinery was, actually, just about reachable with a very long lance but who wouldn’t go for a ride?

The chap in charge of this marvellous powered machinery was supposed to be painting when he was stalled by said nest, so he was more than happy to drive a waspie heavenwards, offer support, assistance and a guided tour of all the mechanical bits. I do like mechanical bits.

In other news, it’s been a week of impossible-to-find houses and other dimwittery. It would appear that the posher you are, the less likely you will be to bother to give your house a number. Fancy Lodge, Superior Lane may be an address to conjure with but it requires hapless contractors and other tradesman’s entrance types to waste half an hour of a busy day crawling along posh lane, trying to read the tiny name on every sodding gatepost.… Read on...