Narrative non-fiction or whimsical nonsense?

It depends who’s asking.

Carolyn’s writing began as a way to entertain pals back in Blighty as she pottered off to do daft stuff in case it was interesting. Here are the results, in reverse chronological order. Except for the ‘coming soon’s which are at the bottom. Click through for blurbs and reviews, or just go straight to Amazon from the cover images and buy one. You know you want to…

Trucking in English: Book 3 of Carolyn’s Armchair Emigration series.

Find on Amazon

Find on Amazon

A recent empty nester, Carolyn decided to see a bit more of North America. She trained to drive 18 wheelers and hit the road as a lady trucker to see what would happen.

Some of the stories are in the Trucking Tales series of blog posts. You can read them or listen to them, since she has produced an audio version in the form of regular podcast episodes.

There is also, of course, a book, available in paperback, for Kindle and all e-readers. Carolyn is delighted to report that is has recently been selected for review by Publishers Weekly.

In the meantime, find the blurb and reviews here.

A Year on Planet Alzheimer: Book 1 of Carolyn’s Armchair Emigration series.

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Find on Amazon

Carolyn’s first book began as a simple traveller’s yarn, a way of keeping track and updating family and friends as she and Ben (aged nine) sampled life in Ontario for the first time.

The tale became a running commentary on the culture-shock of the minutely trivial and emerged as a story about life, adventure, sanity and snow dumps.

Ultimately what emerged was an accidental fascination with Canada’s different kind of ordinary, plus a very human and oddly amusing tale of caring and coping. This book received critical acclaim from both armchair travellers and struggling caregivers on both sides of the Atlantic.

Find the blurb and reviews here.

Speculative Fiction or political nonsense?

Queenie’s Teapot

Queenie is the reason Bed and Breakfast has been somewhat delayed. The idea for this political satire, Carolyn’s first fiction, popped into her head in a grocery store queue. It wouldn’t go away. The only way to silence the voices was to write the thing.

Queenie’s Teapot delighted its beta readers so much that they demanded a series before she hit the shelves. This is therefore book one of the Queenie Chronicles.

Find the blurb and reviews here


Floreat Queenie: Book 2 of the Queenie Chronicles

Due for release in January 2018, this is the book that shouldn’t be. Carolyn maintained for years that she wrote travel stuff because she didn’t have the imagination for fiction.

Then, one idea happened. It was definitely just the one book though. But what’s a girl to do when people ask what happened next?

Fortunately Carolyn has discovered that her characters tell her what they’re up to, if she listens carefully enough.

Blurb and reviews coming soon!

Bed and Breakfast

Did you wonder what happened to Armchair Emigration Part 2? Just to be perverse, it’s still under construction. Bed and Breakfast will fill the gap between temporary residency in Canada and the full Citizenship that allowed Carolyn to take those 18 wheels across the continent.

Yes, she bought  a B&B, it was the only way Immigration Canada would allow her to land permanently. They didn’t exactly say, ‘Buy a B&B’ but they did say, ‘Run a business and employ a Canadian.’

You’d think that operating a small business for a few years to satisfy immigration conditions would be pleasant enough…cook a bit of bacon in the mornings, take the rest of the day off…but scheming opposition, recalcitrant hot tubs, bizarre weddings and murderous guests produce a tale so bizarrely alarming it wouldn’t work as fiction. Carolyn is still recovering.

Eta: When the trauma wears off.

A smattering of Anthologies

Carolyn has contributed to a few collections of works along the way:

Women Travel, from the Rough Guides was her first ever appearance in print. (Apart from a few rabblerousing articles in an inky roneo-copied newsletter of revolutionary persuasion in 1999.)

In sedater and more writerly years Carolyn was invited to become a staff writer at the peerless blog for independent authors, Indies Unlimited.

She has contributions in their publications:

First Chapters, which invites the reader to sample the works of twenty-two up and coming authors; and

Tutorials and Tools for Prospering in the Digital World. A whole two volumes of these, Indies Unlimited’s most popular and useful bits.