Trucking in English Podcast: Fred Afflerbach

Welcome to TIE’s brand new podcast series:
Interviews With Interesting People.

(IWIP, hmm, not so snappy, I’ll work on it.)

Authors, truckers, travellers, adventurers, maybe another podcaster or two and…because it’s my blog…people who I just think are really interesting!

The first interview is with Fred Afflerbach, author of Roll On, a novel about the long-haul life, the perfect transition of blog, and Carolyn, from trucking to writing.

I reviewed his book yesterday, and if you want to know more about him Fred’s website is here.

I really enjoyed our chat, and as a treat for the UK listeners, he has one of those musical Texas accents you normally only hear in movies.

Listen on…


Before we started recording, I asked Fred if he had any requests for music to introduce the piece. He made three suggestions, one of which you will have heard snatches of. But the others will take you down the highway in an 18 wheeler too, do have a listen before you go…

White Freightliner – Lyle Lovett

Mama  Hated Diesels So Bad – Commander Cody

Rambling Fever – Merle Haggard

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Roll On by Fred Afflerbach

Fred Afflerbach

Some people just have to keep on moving. I was delighted when I received my review copy of Roll On, for several reasons. Firstly it confirmed to me that the trucking life, and the subculture that goes with it, were fascinating to people other than me. It also offered me the opportunity to read about the trucking world from the point of view of a seasoned pro…and it was a novel, which intrigued me.

‘How do you write a novel about trucking,’ I wondered, ‘without making the driver the culprit in a lazy murder mystery plot?’ I mused on the intended readership, there are lots of people writing about trucking for truckers but very few opening a window for people who don’t yet think the freight transport life is interesting.

Roll On will fascinate whether you are a seasoned trucker, a rookie, an armchair traveller, or someone who has never really considered what goes on in the cab of that monster you curse on the interstate.… Read on...

All Change


All Change

As promised last week, there have been a few changes around here. I’ve recovered from the sniffles of uploading the final podcast episode of Trucking in English and started to get excited about the next thing. Especially since the technology is being kind and working out.

Thanks to the lovely people at Academy Chicago I received a book to review not long ago. Roll On, by Fred Afflerbach. That’s it up on the right hand sidebar. After I’d read it, reviewed it and thought, ‘Whither the blog? Whither the podcast?’ for a bit longer, I emailed Fred and asked if he’d like to do the first ever, slightly experimental, TIE podcast interview.

He said yes, we had the call, I’ve learned to edit two voices and…ta daaa! TIE has a new direction.

So, a whole new look and much sorting out of new categories to help you find stuff.… Read on...

Trucking in English Podcast: Convoy, Part 2


Oh no, the final bit of the final chapter.

Snivelling a little, it’s been a lot of fun.

But books must finish or we’d never write new ones…and podcasts must grow and develop.

Stand by for some changes to the look and the feel of Trucking in English in the next few weeks, and if you’ve got something to say, a blog to plug or a book that is crying out for a TIE review, just let me know!

An absence of trouble this week, which leads to thoughts that it might be time to write about someone else.

Welcome to the second part of Chapter 21, and if you’ve missed the earlier episodes, they’re over at the Trucking in English Podcasts pages.

A blast from the past this week, some truly terrible French and surprising beer.

Trucking in English therefore presents:

Chapter 21: Convoy
Part 2: In which our heroine makes that decision.

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