I found a gem of an editor when I discovered Carolyn Steele. She performs magic on my books. Want proof of Carolyn’s talent? Just look at the reviews on The House on Persimmon Road and my No Perfect series on Amazon. Her editorial guidance helped Finding Home snag a BRAG Medallion and No Perfect Fate earn a semi finalist slot in the 2015 Kindle Book Awards. Best of all, when we’re proofing and discover a dropped quotation mark or a misspelled word that got by both of us, she repairs those instantly and at no charge. It is difficult for an indie author to produce a perfectly rendered book, but Carolyn makes it happen. ~ Jackie Weger

“I write novels across a variety of genres, and Carolyn is my go-to editor. Her line editing is thorough so I have confidence that my writing is free from typos or grammatical errors–a major turnoff for many readers. The input she gives me on story arc and plot is thoughtful and provides me a
different perspective on the work. In short, she makes my stories better. And her rates are fair, which is important for an independent writer.” ~ Pete Barber

I found myself needing the services of an editor to help me polish my dissertation for submission on a very tight deadline. Carolyn was recommended to me and I was impressed with how quickly she responded to my email inquiry for assistance. I was nervous about having a keen eye scour my dissertation and point out all my errors. However, I quickly found her to be gentle in her approach and she never once made me feel embarrassed or foolish as she worked with me to enhance my writing style and strengthen my voice by offering practical suggestions and her skillful use of editing magic. I highly recommend Carolyn for all your editing needs because she is highly skilled, efficient and professional. But I also recommend her because of her caring and understanding approach with grad students. She understood I needed to be encouraged and motivated not to despair during the difficult and often ego wounding experience of having someone edit my work. I am very grateful for her professional support which enabled me to complete my dissertation on time and error free.  ~ Barbara Jean Buckley, Ph.D. University of British Columbia Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (Nursing)

“Carolyn is a dream to work with.  No only did she do a great job with the traditional editing of my book, but she took the time to learn my what voice as a writer was and then gave input and suggestions based on that.  Going back to her for second and third projects was not even a question.  My finished product was significantly better for having worked with Carolyn.” ~ Nick Tory

Carolyn is indispensable to my writing! She’s much more than an editor. There are plenty of people who can spot missing words and grammar gaffs. Carolyn has the unique ability to spot flaws in plots and storyline and suggest ways to improve the overall manuscript. I wouldn’t feel comfortable sending a book to print without her thumbs up! ~ Amy Vansant