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IN A WORLD where democracy has been declared no longer fit for purpose, a cohort of randomly-selected British Republic citizens receive their call to serve in parliament. As the strangers gather to learn their tasks for the next three years, the Cabinet Support Team try to fit jobs to skills—but Queenie can’t do nuffin’. Naturally she becomes head of state. Together the new government muddles through, tackling unrest on the streets and a spot of global bioterrorism in addition to their own journeys of self-discovery.

Lots of background info, and the occasional rafflecopter can be found over at Queenie’s own website queeniesteapot.com. You can follow Queenie’s blog to find out about upcoming events, read about how the book came about and you can even read Chapter One free of charge, to see if it’s your sort of thing!

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What people are saying about Queenie:

“Laughed out loud at this, but it also made me think. A modern version of the ancient greek version of democracy, it really could work here… Funny, thoughtful, a great book.”

“Political satire that is insightful and thoughtful without being dry or preachy is hard to do, and this book nails it. (and what a perfect time to do it!) Add to that some incredibly well drawn, complex and often endearing characters (Queenie!) and you’ve got a fantastic read. The dialog is really a notch above anything I’ve read lately. These characters aren’t running through their paces – they’re ALIVE.”

“I loved this book! It was clever and fun, while being realistic in the ways politics end up working. The characters were both silly and matter-of-fact and the book did a great job of showing people with very different personalities and interests working together toward a common goal.”

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CHRISTMAS 2032: The British Republic’s citizen government are about to begin the second year of their time in office. Last year was a bit rough for some of the randomly-chosen ministers, despite the best efforts of the Cabinet Support Team to keep them in line. But they survived, and news that the nation came close to disaster never did leak out. They are wiser now. And a bit cockier and possibly a tad bolshier. It’s just a pity someone will have to put their life on the line this year…