Reviews and interviews and podcasts, oh my!

By popular demand, natch.

Yes, I know, it’s been months. Excuses? Um, not really. Although I have been kinda busy being reviewed, interviewed and podcasted myself, what with the launch of TIE and all. I have loads of exciting ‘me me me’ links to share, people do seem to be liking the book a lot, but it seems a bit boring and, well, ‘me me me’ to chuck them all at you at once.

So, I have hatched a cunning plan. It’s a lot like last year’s cunning plan, which involved persuading writers whose books I love to come and talk to me for podcasts. This year I have a new line-up of writers, travellers, and people who have done amazing things and I will be reviewing their books and chatting to them for podcasts just like before. The extra bit? I’ll sneak in a review or two of my stuff as we go. You’ll hardly notice, I promise.

In a major break with tradition, you are most likely to find the new posts going up on Mondays instead of Sundays (radical, I know) but otherwise, Series Two of Interviews with Interesting People will continue to bring you the personalities and experiences behind the sort of books I like to read.

We’re still in travelling and adventure mode this season but I’ve widened the idea out a little. Some of our writers have made journeys on the inside, surviving the remarkable and coming out the other side. Some are emigrants, like me, because I’ve suddenly realised how many of us write and I want to find out why. I have a whole new thing to explore there and it may well be the core of Series Three, next year. But, for now…

Stand by for our first Series Two book review on Monday. You’ll love it.

Hear the author the Monday after. You’ll love him too.

Thanks to M Ed McNally for the first interview. Here’s his book.


And (sneaked in at the end all subtle-like) have a look at the  first ever Trucking in English interview by someone else, of me. Big thanks to M Ed McNally for inviting me onto his blog for Tag Line Tuesday

Among other great questions he asked me to sum up each of my books in a five word ‘tag line’. Here’s what I came up with…

Trucking in English: “Pink baseball caps don’t help.”

A Year on Planet Alzheimer: “Travelling is mostly about meatballs.”

See you soon!



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