A thing one’s mother says one should never do.

ibdbadgesmallBut hey, an archive of thanks to the nice people who have interviewed Carolyn and reviewed her books can’t be all bad. Especially since Carolyn was aiming for writing which was merely whimsical…when the word ‘hilarious’ began to crop up time and again she dared to start pitching her work as humour.

Back in the days when Planet Alzheimer was published, newspapers were kind of it, but by the time Trucking in English came out there were websites and blogs and podcasts. So here we go, lots of links, and if you are really stuck for some reading matter, pdfs of her print reviews are here.

Review Websites

The Displaced Nation

Throughout the book shines Carolyn’s good humor, frankness, and sense of the ridiculous. The characters and events she encounters are described so vividly that they seemed as real to me as they were to her, and in such a way that I had to stifle snorts of laughter if I was reading my Kindle in a public place.

Big Al’s Books & Pals

Not only a fun read but, for anyone considering a career as a trucker, a must read.

Lynne Cantwell’s Rursday Reads

Even if you’ve never dreamed of getting in the cab of a big rig and hitting the road, Trucking in English is an entertaining read.
You don’t want to miss it — no, you don’t.

Online Interviews

Facing 50 with Humour, with Carol Wyler

Tag Line Tuesday, with M. Ed McNally

The Indie View, with Al Kuntz

Complete randomness from a crazy author, with Lavinia Urban

Friday Fortnight Interview with Kerry Donovan (with a sneak preview of Queenie’s Teapot!)

Podcast Interviews

Triangle Variety Radio’s Authors’ Corner, with Elaine Raco Chase

The most phenomenal book I’ve ever seen… Interview begins at minute 111.30

The Bookcast, with Bill Thompson

I’m curious now, what is the correct way to hit a moose?


Thank you everyone!