The competition begins

The competition for the strangest place to find a wasps’ nest, that is. Last year we decided that the car exhaust pipe took 1st place, followed by the golf bag in 2nd and the chicken coop taking bronze. (See what I did there? Little Olympic reference for you.)

The first 2012 contender

This year has been pretty boring so far, bird  boxes, garden sheds, under eaves, inside the void behind fascia boards. I do tend to get a bit confused between fascias, flashing and soffits when referring to people’s roofing apparatus so I’d just had a revision session with the boss and drawn myself some diagrams when I rolled up to a lady who told me ‘they’re all going in and our under me suffixes’. I had no right to giggle really.

But then it happened, this year’s first entry, the nest in a concrete mixer.

Not a bad commute


It’s still a bit quiet, 3 or 4 nests a day, nothing near last year’s mayhem  of 17-20 callouts a day, not counting the ones we were to busy to catch on the phone, but that has given me  the time for a bit of scenic photography. It’s not a bad commute around the moorland, beats the M25 any day, and possibly even the 401.

There have been other pests to take up the non-wasping time this week, most notably fleas. We think there’s a brand of flea becoming immune to the Frontline pet treatment, judging by a surge in people calling in a panic because they’re infested despite being fanatical about prevention. One looks a bit terrifying arriving at the door in paper suit and mask but thanks to the boss’s wise advice to tuck trouserlegs in socks and spray legs with insecticide before entering, I haven’t brought any fleas home. I’ve added the personal precaution of special fleaing socks, which stay in the van at all times, in a bag full of more insecticide. My pesting shoes appear to be rotting though.

The wasp buggy


Oh yes, the van. We got livery! Very exciting, I can’t decide if I’m more cock-a-hoop about the fancy new qr code or the wasp on my bonnet. Not so sure about being thewaspman though, I am lobbying for purchase of for next year.

Next week…bedbug news.


There’s a wasp on my bonnet!


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