Trucking in English Podcast: Martin Crosbie

Welcome to the next in TIE’s 2013 podcast series: Interviews With Interesting People.

Today’s interview is with Martin Crosbie, author of the My Temporary Life trilogy, including My Name is Hardly, the second in the series.

reviewed this book last week and if you want to know more about Martin and his writing you can check out his website. You can also buy the book of course, by clicking the link in the right sidebar. If you’d like some background to his recent superstardom, here’s an article from Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper.

We had an interesting chat, here it is..


We spoke a few weeks ago and you will hear Martin refer to a book of short stories, it’s is just out so I am delighted to add one more link for you, to Lies I Never Told

As usual, I asked Martin if he had any suggestions for music to top and tail our chat and she asked me to add Handwritten by Gaslight Anthem

Here it is in full

And finally, the sneaky pitch about me, me, me.  Trucking in English is currently offering a giveaway on GoodReads! Click for a chance to win one of 5 signed paperback copies.

As ever, it’s been fun to chat. See you next week for more adventuring, we’re off to Afghanistan.


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