Welcome to the next in TIE’s 2013 podcast series: Interviews With Interesting People.

Today’s interview is with Mary Smith, author of Drunk Chickens and Burnt Macaroni.

reviewed this book last week and if you want to know more about Mary and her writing you can check out her website. You can also buy the book of course, by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

We had an interesting chat, ranging from the usefulness of babies to the future of mankind, here it is..


As usual, I asked Mary if she had any suggestions for music to top and tail our chat and she asked me to add something by Dawood Sarkhosh, a poet and musician of the Hazara ethnic minority. She chose him particularly because, as she tells us in the interview, the Taliban are still committed to wiping out the Hazara people completely.

Darwood left Afghanistan after his brother (his first music teacher) was killed in the civil war. His songs reflect the feelings of Afghan refugees throughout the world. The video that accompanies the full Youtube song is poignant and beautiful, with a political message or two.

Here it is in full

And finally, the sneaky pitch about me, me, me. Here’s an interview from another author’s blog, the lovely and talented Lavinia Urban. Thanks for having me as a guest on your website Lavinia.

As ever, it’s been fun to chat. This may be the last author interview for this season as I expect to be off wasping soon. Stand by for more rants from the wasp face over the summer, and more Interesting People to meet when the winter comes around again. Watch this space!