Trucking in English Podcast: Patricia O’Donnell-Gibson

Welcome to the next in TIE’s 2013 podcast series: Interviews With Interesting People.

Today’s interview is with Patricia O’Donnell-Gibson, author of The Red Skirt.

reviewed her book last week and if you want to know more about Patricia and her writing you can check out her website. You can also buy the book of course, by clicking the link in the right sidebar.

Patrica’s story couldn’t be more different to Jt’s, but I was fascinated by their similar reasons for writing their lives down. We also have a first this week, a post script! Patrica and I continued chatting after I’d said our formal ‘for the benefit of the tape’ goodbyes and she said something that I really wanted to keep, so listen right to the end….


As usual, I asked Patricia if she had any suggestions for music to top and tail our chat and she asked me to add John Lennon’s Imagine. It’s a song we all know well but I heard it very differently in the light of this fascinating story.

Here it is in full

And finally, the sneaky pitch about me, me, me.  My good pal Carol Wyer interviewed me for her blog Facing 50 with Humour; he who laughs, lasts. We had a lot of fun, but then we have a lot in common, being determined to amuse the socks off our readers. Apparently what we write is Boomer Lit…who knew?

As ever, it’s been fun to chat. See you next week for little old me persuading a bit of a superstar to visit TIE.


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