Almost Ice Road Truckers, except for the tulip bulbs…

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This is the tale of what happens when a middle-aged mum from England decides to actually drive 18-wheelers across North America instead of just dreaming about it.

From early training (when it becomes apparent that negotiating 18 wheels and 13 gears involves slightly more than just learning how to climb in) this rookie overcomes self-doubt, infuriating companions and inconsiderate weather to become a real trucker.

She learns how to hit a moose correctly and how to be hijacked. She is almost arrested in Baltimore Docks and survives a terrifying winter tour of The Rockies.

Nothing goes well, but that’s why there’s a book.

Amazon review titles:

“A real ride.”
“A laugh a minute.”
“Interesting, Informative, Impressive!”
“Will have you crying with laughter.”


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Amazon reviews:

I knew nothing about truck driving prior to read this book. I had to say I now have vastly more respect for every truck driver out there on the roads, male or female. I had no idea how incredibly difficult the actual driving could be and no concept of the politics and paperwork that these poor drivers suffer through. I am somewhat amazed that anything gets shipped anywhere given what you have to go through. And I don’t even want to think about what it’s like to drive an 18-wheeler through a Canadian winter, I was shivering in my chair while reading.
Carolyn Steele does a terrific job of putting the reader behind the wheel as we learn along with her the ins and outs of the world of long haul trucking and includes enough humor (with a British slant of course) that she got me laughing many times throughout the book. I was actually sorry to have it end. Her sense of humor and writing style made for a delightful read and I look forward to finding more of her books.

Memories are not usually my genre, but I had a blast with this book! Author Carolyn Steele, a Brit transplant to Canada currently in her 50s, decides to learn to drive an 18-wheeler and start a new career. And she does it! She survives trucking school, the occasional Neanderthal trainer, multiple border crossings between the US and Canada (complete with border bureaucracy), fog, ice, fellow drivers, the occasional Neanderthal driving partner, and trucking companies that sometimes think driving a monster vehicle 14 hours straight (the limits of the looser laws) isn’t quite enough.
The book offers plenty to chuckle over (sometimes while tearing your hair!) and Ms Steele has won my profound respect for her daring, sense of humor, and writing skills. And she can actually back one of those things up into a narrow loading bay!
This book is a definite “YES!”

Backwards. In heels. Well, not really, but you get the idea. This is a genuinely funny book, the hilarious story of an ex-pat truck-driving woman; a not-so-innocent abroad. Well-written and witty, this book tickles the same parts that Bill Bryson reaches, and in much the same way. You’ll love it.

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