The book that started it all…

First-hand accounts from more than 60 countries

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Edited highlights from A Year on Planet Alzheimer first appeared in the Rough Guides’ 4th anthology of women’s tales in 2000.

Carolyn remains indebted to the fine editors at The Rough Guides for spotting some raw talent in her early scribblings. Here she joined some truly rarefied company as A Sneaking Civic Pride appeared alongside such well-known names as Margaret Atwood and Sarah Wheeler; in addition to promising new writers, travellers and dreamers of all kinds.

This quite turned Carolyn’s head and remains her excuse for keeping on scribbling.

“Featuring more than 80 adventures around the world, this collection tells what it is like to backpack around India with your mother, be crowned Queen Mother of an African village, have a girls’ night out in the Kalahari Desert, and sweat behind the scenes at a Caribbean carnival.” (And shovel leaves in suburban Ontario)

Amazon reviews:

As a solo female traveller, I found this book to capture my heart and desire to explore the world. This book is divided into serveral short stories written by women who dared to journey on their own. Each story was touching in it’s own way, and made me realize that while few cultures understand why a woman would want to travel independantly, all cultures provide insight into the human psyche. To put it bluntly, it is a great read; I misssed my train stop because I was so riveted!
This is a fascinating book written by dozens of women who have travelled the world. As a man, I found it absorbing to get the female perspective on many places I have travelled to. These girls are true feminists. They make their own way and use their wits and skills to navigate through countries that are daunting for anyone to visit, let alone a single female. A great read, and I can highly recommend More Women Travel by Rough Guides as well.
I have given this book as a gift several times. I have read it several times. It is especially good for a busy person who says they do not have time to “get into” a book, because they can sit down and read one essay at a sitting. It is inspiring to see what so many women have done, and also a great way to live vicariously if you aren’t going to be traveling anytime soon. Many of these women are truly inspirational.