Website from scratch or just a tweak?

Wish you could make your own edits?

Struggling with seo, or ads, or making a site mobile-friendly?

Carolyn learned about websites the only way that works. She needed one, so she learned how to build it. She now specialises in teaching writers and small businesses how to maximise their time by utilising the power and simplicity of WordPress.

Why is Carolyn’s work different? She’s a writer too, so she knows that your site must represent both your personality and your voice. The content she builds for you won’t just be a page of keyword stuffing nonsense, intelligible only to the robots. But she speaks robot too, so you can be sure your site will please the likes of Google and Alexa as well.

Whether you want a fully monetised mega site with top-of-Google seo and all manner of woofers and tweeters (see what we did there?) or just the ability to edit a page occasionally, Carolyn can guide you there.

She charges a flat rate of $50 per hour for tuition, advice and minor editing, and will always give you a firm total price before any larger work goes ahead. Add in a free introductory hour of advice, which you are at liberty to walk away with under no obligation, and what have you got to lose?

Building a website from scratch, if that’s what you need, can be quick and simple or mindbogglingly timeconsuming depending a little on how much you know about what you want and need. Carolyn will probably quiz you on websites that you like the look of, and tedious stuff like what you want to achieve, before any project gets started, in order to minimise costs.

(If she mentions calls to action, try not to glaze over, it’s because they matter.)

Here are some guideline projects and ballpark prices:

~ Basic WordPress site with up to 6 pages including blog.
~ Client supplies text and images
~ Basic SEO
~ $850

Unlimited pages including blog
Client supplies text and images
~ Basic SEO
~ $850-$1250

~ Carolyn researches your business area, writes all text and supplies copyright-free images.
~ Up to 6 pages
~ Basic SEO
~ $850-$1250

~ Unlimited pages
~ Carolyn supplies text/images
~ Intensive SEO including local page cloning plus: Google ads, affiliate marketing store, automated blog and uploading videos to YouTube for maximum Google rankings.
~ $4000-$8000

Site Maintenance: Basic site maintenance is $50 per month. This includes regular WordPress and plugin updates, a monthly check on your site traffic, Alexa and SEO performance and up to 2 blog posts per month where you supply the text and images.

Hosting: Carolyn prefers to control hosting the websites she maintains through Hostgator, it makes troubleshooting a lot easier. This currently costs $5 per month, ie $60 per year. You would register/control your domain name yourself, although Carolyn can help with that.

Contact Carolyn for any information you need. Be prepared for a small questionnaire!